Thursday, June 24, 2010

Head to Toe ;)

There are so many people who say that the courtship period is wonderful. I am going through this blissful time of my life. Another awesome date...! It was at the 'Cleopatra Day Spa & Unisex Salon'.
We were at the spa by the noon and the lady at the reception welcomed us with a sweet smile. We had an appointment for the Head to Toe treatment which included Full body massage, Head massage, Facial,  Bleach, Manicure, Pedicure and Waxing. The ambiance with candles, flower petals, soft instrumental music and dim light was so romantic. We were upgraded to couple spa.. Don't know why we were just lucky :)
Two female masseuse came in for the massage. Their soft hands pampered our bodies and they gave us acupressure treatment as well. After half hour body massage with essential oil based in olive oil, we were left alone for a bath in jacuzzi. The jacuzzi was in circular shape and brightened the tub with various color lights. It was so sensuous but we tried to control our feelings as we had to move out quickly. Later we were given head massage. I almost fell asleep. It is so relaxing that all the tiredness was squissed out. We were given other day appointment so that we cud finish with the remaining treatment. I wasnt very happy with the manicure and facial but the waxing was done very quick and neatly. I would recommend every couple to have a couple spa treatment. It would be one of those memorable moments u will keep recalling.