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Golden Age of Designers

There has never been differentiation between meaningful design and beautiful designs. This is because perfection goes unnoticed but a flaw is always remarked! User interface designers like me, having bookish knowledge and hardly any practical approach will always regret this era. Its the time when entrepreneurs are preferring designers as their partners or co-founders. Why is that so? read this.

I believe, a designer can see more than a business analyst. An analyst will do all the research and come up with a conclusion. Whereas a designer will know how to make that conclusion meaningful. Its like Apple knew that its an age of tablet even before the end user did. But after a master piece like iPad is in the market, every other competitor wishes to jump in with their gadgets. What is the result? iPad still sustains the fame and craze.
People thought that the Apple team is trying to fool them with a bigger screen. But if you see a twitter app in an iPad and the same in some other tablet, you will know the difference. How much usability it provides to its customers is unmatched!

The designers in true sense are suppose to match their concepts with the end users' psychology. What really happens is, in India mainly, designers try to match colors with the interests of their immediate boss or client abroad. Its a pity! Another pity is that there is hardly any guidance to mould such experts apart from acknowledging the importance of usability in each and every business.

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Being Critical and Comparative about my ride

I don't want to sound too critical.. But am just wondering if any1 out there in city of Mumbai, face the menace of this black rushing cockroach... the auto rickshaw. (Spare me if I did!)
No doubt, its the quickest was to reach in the nick of the time to your office..your home..a function.. when there is no public transport! The problem is.. there are more issues to travelling by an auto then there are advantages!
First of all, its next to impossible to get an empty auto in the city of mumbai and if you still manage to plead a driver with your innocent looks you should think thats an angel hailed from heaven on a god-forbid road.

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Why do we forgive some one?
1. Because he can be harmful
2. Because you owe him
3. Because of some religious reason like God says we must forgive and forget
4. Because that is what you call as dignity
There can be many reasons. Be it. But the calmness you feel after forgiving wholeheartedly is inexpressible. Like we bath daily... our soul should also be cleaned at-least on a yearly basis!

As humans we tend to have some or the other feel of grievances, hatred, enmity, jealousy etc towards others. Slowly & gradually this ill feelings give rise to feelings of revenge which ultimately is a destructive process &…

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How to be Mentally Strong?  Ami Morin is a therapist and has written the bestseller "13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do". I haven't read the book but I have heard her tedx talk. Here is the guidance by Amy Morin and my notes on them.

 Believe in yourselfWe usually have certain beliefs about ourselves that are developed during our childhood. Like I am lazy to finish any task, I am an angry person, I am only good to people for certain amount of time etc. These are the statements usually by my key person, my guardian or my mom. I do feel offended when she says so but I accept it like a blind faith.If I try to say good things about myself and prove with incidences I can regain faith in my efforts, in myself. That will make me HAPPY.Daily Gratification is a good habit I will cultivate. It will surely make me feel special and thankful for what i have.Achieving my goals will elevate my faith in myself. Dont Compare yourselfWe find ourselves comparing with our friends…