Welcome to my web space, where I share some of my knowledge and experience... everything that interests me and things that impress me! From arts, traveling, music, food, web design, good thoughts, my poems, events, experiences, health, beauty & skin care, ideas, tips... the list goes on and on. I dedicate this place to that some one special.

Logo Concept
U&Me is the name that is suggested by some one really close to me. It is a combination of my and his first name, giving it a beautiful personal touch. I have put the fonts in the logo so close and bonded them with an ampersand having an Intermediate (Red-Violet) color. This feminine color emphasis on romantic relationship. The font of '&' suggests that we are tied to each other and has this heart shape forming with a little depth.
Hope he likes it!

His first reaction was.. it is wonderful :) He also suggested our initials to be closer and the heart to be tilted a bit. What a nice suggestion! I really appreciate it! The current logo is what is finalized now.