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A weekend at a Farmhouse

During the extra-long lockdown, we had an opportunity to visit one of our family’s farmhouse. 3 hours from our home, somewhere in the fog city of igatpuri lay this amazing nature rescue. Paddy fields The place was mesmerizing with hills and paddy farms surrounding us. The early morning sun shone right in front of the verandah that our room was attached to. It was foggy every morning and clouds all day long so never did we feel the October heat. We hardly felt like staying in our luxurious rooms. I being a nature lover, enjoyed roaming around the fields, the flowering shrubs that beautified the paths and a machan to overlook till your eyesight would reach.  Everyday view The sleeping beauty mountain The mountain, the river, the fields, the well, the hand pump, the insects, the flowers and the cattle were the topic of learning for my homeschooled kid. He had a friend to accompany him all day long. She was a year older than him, yet they both did compliment each other in many ways. We pl
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Lets go seed collecting

This is a post on how something that interested me so much got passed down to my son naturally. Nature always interested me although staying in Bangalore for a couple of years made it evoke.  I started noticing various fruit trees in my locality like coconut, papaya, jackfruit, pomegranate, fig and banana. It was surprising to me how food was grown in some households. The beauty of various seasons was much prominent in HSR Layout, making me exploring more about other trees and searching them on google. Few months ago I was much frustrated by my son's rag picking all day. He would stop at various intervals on our way to pick up things like tobacco wrappers or used plastic bottles from the roadside. While in the park he would keep searching for chips packets or used lollipop sticks. I was worried about his health and overall his habit. I would explain him with logic and multiple repetition, yet no gain. I myself was frustrated with so many NOs to him. I thought there need to

Questions for a homeschooling mom

I was at the club where my son goes to learn skating. Lady: Hows his homeschooling going on? Me: Great Lady: So what do you teach him? Me: Depends on the concept we pick Lady: He must be knowing the names of the states in India Me: (In a surprise, for her being so direct) ahh.. No Lady: hmm After some silence she shouts at her child who is skating along Lady: Watch out. (With an impulse, she addresses me about her kid) She never focuses on herself. All the time she wants to see what others are doing Me: (Laughing in my mind) I had gone to meet a few girl friends at the park with our respective kids When I was interacting with the kids I overhear a conversation GF1: Have you seen her how she talks to her son GF2: Ya she is so calm GF1: You see that's why her son is like this. He won't be strong enough for the real world. After a while GF2: Urvi, you should stay with these kids for a few days... so they will learn to behave I was a bit confused as I didn'

Pawna Lakeside Camping (Day 2)

Next morning I could wake before the birds chirped. It was gloomy and fog lay on the banks. I was trying to figure out east while reminding me where the sun set to the west.  The boys were still sleeping and my eyes was wide awake wanting to soak in more of this beauty. After the sun rose and my son rose... We all did a group hug and headed to the play area.  H made few friends and we had poha, chai and bread muskah for breakfast. The Resort people were kind enough to serve warm milk for my son. Hello Sun H starting to interest in photography New friends H was keen in exploring the place more. He showed me some red chilly plants, a sugarcane grass and few grasshoppers over a Chikoo tree. We spotted a green cocoon, a praying mantis and a grasshopper. Chilly Chili Sugarcane Stages of Butterfly Now you see me A Praying Mantis Today was the day to leave. Its very tough for my son to accept end of any event, be it school or visit to his Nani's pla

Pawna lakeside camping (Day 1)

Homeschool experience for our kid led us to understand the importance of small meaningful trips in the wild. We had been staying in a tent that had attached bathroom in the midst of a dessert during our Rajasthan trip but this one was such a raw experience. We were done with our morning routine and headed to lonavala at around 11. Listening to old songs that i love chorusing along, we reached Kailash Parbat for a lunch hault. H enjoyed homemade puranpoli that his granny made. At Kailash Parbat The weather was cold enough and H was happy to find a baby next table to play with. From here our journey was full of rough roads and yet we enjoyed looking at the scenes it had to offer. Farmer with his bullocks A farmer was ploughing his land which caught baby H's eyes. He realized we have reached another side of the world already. The tropical flowers and shrubs that H kept visiting were part of his love for colors. Pawna Lake, Thakursai Pretty Purple Flowers Ye