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Making the must have stylesheet

A stylesheet is like pastel in canvas! It fills effectiveness in the html structure. When i started with front-end development i felt a need for a stylesheet that i can refer every time. A designer must believe in smart work rather than hard work.
There was a need for a stylesheet that is perfect enough to avoid starting from scratch, that serves purpose for all kind of media (be it print or cross-browser) and that meets the W3C recommendations. When the search for such a framework began, I came across a few but personally i found the listed below as worth jotting down. Each one has its pros and cons.

A Terrific Twenty Minutes

This happened at an island about 4651km away from Mumbai. It was already 36 hrs that we didn't call back home to inform we were safe. At 1800hrs the phone at our hotel room rang and it was one familiar yet worried voice trying to confirm who was at the receiver's end. Oh! that was our Mom, not ready to listen a single word after she confirmed that it was us, kept on saying 'Why didn't you call back... why didn't you call back'. We told her we will call her back in sometime as a local vendor told us we can buy Sim cards from there and call back for a very meagre amount. The hotel charged us around 40 times the rate so it wasn't a good option for us.
The shop was 15mins walk away from the hotel and we couldn't afford a highly expensive taxi that the hotel offered us, we decided to walk. Very little light on the streets. We were all alone. Soon the words we spoke echoed, our heartbeats ran faster, we could hardly see the road and the vehicles that moved at…