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What to do when your child doesn't listen to you?

I am a mom of a 4 year old(almost) and he is showing his rebellious side now and then. I can see a disgust and hate all over his facial expression when I try to confront.

It really hurts to see him fall when he can't see the danger at the other side of the tunnel. You want to help him, not like a spoon feed but more like evolve through the situation. It aches to see him do things that isn't accepted by the society on the basis of ethics or norms. You want to guide him and hope he excel but he just doesn't listen.

I was something like this in my teens but he is such a strong character at this tiny age, I can sense it. I pondered on a win win situation for this crises of mine. I want him to listen to my advice and also let him take his own decisions. His own decision, not that he is capable, but more like a practice of self worth.
General Approach 1: Punish them Kids are so common to get grounded or refrained from their favorite activity. They are made to stand in a corner …
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Mumbaikar’s Bangalore days

It’s been three decades since I was born and yet never lived outside Mumbai. I shared my thoughts with my hubby regarding staying someplace else to enjoy some life experiences. One evening he comes home and tells me, “it seems you have been praying really hard”. I had completely forgotten about our talk and couldn’t relate to what he was referring to. My heart was pounding harder with every word he spoke. So, I started my journey in the garden city of Bengaluru in 2016. I was so excited to live life on my own terms. To cook what I want to, to keep stuffs my own way and no one to judge. Such freedom seeking and adventurous mind I had. Slowly I understood the cons too. I lived in central Mumbai and now I am at HSR Layout of Bengaluru. My observations are restricted to these places. So here is the list of things I find surprising in here… 1.I had two different house helps who don’t send their girl child to school. Girls age 6 and above take care of infant whole day as that would be conveni…

An Ideal School System

Reading Raghu's Rearview made me realize why kids dread school so much and why i still don't like to recollect my school days. What I don't get is the attitude of parents in-general. Why do they on the first place want their piece of heart to go through such bad upbringing. In Raghu's words, School is mediocrity and uniformity at its worst... when all parents want is the opposite of that.

I get anxious on the thought of sending my kid to any school... which is why homeschooling excites me. Is it my fear or something else? I don't know! All I know is i would send my child without any delay to a place where he genuinely learned and enjoyed learning. Where he finds that being of use to anyone is the only creditability to have something learned and providing value to the society can be an ultimate goal.

Screw Exams. How perfect would it be to have questions from the student himself and he tried to figure of the answer! Ideally It should be the student passing the know…

Ever lived with a Robot?

How would you imagine your life with a Robot?

The Robot would be helpful... do its duty... do as it is asked to... not complain and not change any of your routine.
Imagine you talk and there is no genuine feedback because you know what is programmed is the output. Imagine you are the only one who shares loquaciously.

When you want it to understand emotions, you will have to tell it all in words because it couldn't see through your expressions. It couldn't read your eyes and just hug you because you deserved it. But hugged you because you asked for.

It may masturbate for you... it may tell you jokes if you wanted to be entertained... and even accompany you on a stroll when you felt alone. It would not be like owning a pet... like how your dog would come running, liking all over your face even though it was home alone while you were out. It would just make its presence felt by acting to breath a little louder... just incase you wanted to know that its there.

Ever lived with a r…

Strong Mental Health

How to be Mentally Strong?  Ami Morin is a therapist and has written the bestseller "13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do". I haven't read the book but I have heard her tedx talk. Here is the guidance by Amy Morin and my notes on them.

 Believe in yourselfWe usually have certain beliefs about ourselves that are developed during our childhood. Like I am lazy to finish any task, I am an angry person, I am only good to people for certain amount of time etc. These are the statements usually by my key person, my guardian or my mom. I do feel offended when she says so but I accept it like a blind faith.If I try to say good things about myself and prove with incidences I can regain faith in my efforts, in myself. That will make me HAPPY.Daily Gratification is a good habit I will cultivate. It will surely make me feel special and thankful for what i have.Achieving my goals will elevate my faith in myself. Dont Compare yourselfWe find ourselves comparing with our friends…

String art

For the love and excitement of having the first baby every mother tries making something memorable.. I am sharing mine.

One thing that every Gujju Guy should try

It was our society's flag hoisting event where I had a chance to have a short chat with one of my neighbor.
She is young, Gujarati, working professional with Infosys pune. She was tired of her frequent trips from Pune to Mumbai and was searching job in Mumbai now. Staying as PG with 3 other girls, cooking and cleaning and having the freedom that every young heart desires after graduation was now boredom to her. This made me realize a few things.My husband had been staying away from home before marriage while he was working with Wipro. Due to his PG experience, I benefit a lot now. He doesn't mind helping me in household chores. He has an open mind to my thoughts and respects my work as a stay home mother. He is foody but not picky about food and taste. This is something every Gujarati housewife dreams of. Everyone staying away from home have experienced those days when they miss their mom after the hard day at work. No one to wash, fold and iron your clothes. Lot of sharing a…