Monday, April 26, 2010

How to give an Ayurvedic Facial Treatment

There are about 8 steps in Ayurvedic Facial... although the 9th is an optional. Ayurvedic treatment helps immensely.

1. Cleansing: The best cleanser is skimmed Milk. Apply it in the morning before having bath. The appropriate method is to keep rubbing it until it is soaked completely, leaving a dry sticky feel. Also apply this on arms and legs when they get tanned. Leave it for 10-15mins and then head to bath.

2. Oil Massage: For oily skin Aloe Vera Gel, Dry skin Caster oil and normal skin Aloe Vera Gel or Almond Oil works best. The oil used should be little worm. Massage with your finger tips in circular motion. This is for better blood circulation and formation of new cells.

3. Herbal Steam: Steam removes the dirt collected in the pores of skin. Boil water & Neem leaves together in a vessel. Put your face on the mouth of the vessel a little far and cover your face from behind with a towel. Don't give steam for a more than 5 mins. Neem steam is best although you will get a bitter smell during the process. Since you have already had an oil massage, there is no need to add essential oils to the steam.

4. Gentle Scrub: Walnut powder mixed in clay is the best scrub for oily skin. Also for a smooth refreshing feel use scrub made out of Watermelon seeds powder and clay. Rub with a light hand for about 5 mins and rinse off.

5. Nutrifying Mask: The Face mask is essential to close the open pores. Use natural fruits as mask. Banana, Papaya are the best options for reducing skin ageing. One should avoid applying mask on this area as the skin under eyes stretches faster and wrinkles appear naturally.

6. Toning: Tomatoes, Lemon and cucumber juice applied on face helps reduce blemishes. It is the BEST remedy to reduce tanned skin.

7. Moisturizing: A skin should be moisturized daily. Apply a heavy moisturizer in the night and a light one in the day as the effects. I use moisturizing creme called 'Roopam lep' and Caster oil for under eye. You can use Shea butter instead of a cream.

8. Hydrating: Keep drinking lot of water. At least 2litres per day. Use digestive capsules or drink milk after dinner to clear the body toxics. I chew boiled Fenugreek seeds early morning to remove body toxins easily.

9. Make Up: Ayurvedic make up doesn't harm skin and is free from animal testing. It also helps in improving texture and results into healthy skin. It is the most advisable make up for all age group.

I personally follow steps 1, 7, 8 daily and remaining steps once in a week. It has given me a fantastic refreshing skin.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

7 advises for maintaining relationships

There are times when we face tough times with our spouse. It is the time when its not worth knowing who is at fault. It is the law of nature, simply but natural! No two people can think similar and there is about to be some friction. When all that is expected is let the relationship flourish and last long then here is a list of some advises that we have from our experienced elders:

1. Trust each other
My mom says faith makes the world live ('વિશ્વાસ ઍ વિશ્વ નો સ્વાસ છે'). When trust is broken the relationship will gradually break.

2. Don't play Blame-Game
Everyone has good and bad quality. With time both partners come to know each others well and no one can hide their true self for longer time.
One should avoid blaming the other for situations resulting into bad outcome. In the first place blaming is a bad attitude but we tend to blame loved ones knowing that they need us. This will gradually result into breakups. It is better to accept each other as it is.

3. There is no perfect couple
We all dream of our soul mates but there is no such species in the real world. But yes you can find your best friend. Be a friend first, then a lover.

4. Don't expect change
We tend to hide our drawbacks and expect that our partner will leave his drawbacks. Doesn't that sound like what parents do to children? It is not easy to change. Thus, having high expectation on changing the spouse character will cause disappointment and unpleasantness.
It would be less painful to change ourselves and lower our expectations.

5. Nectar on your tongue
Don't speak of things that can hurt your spouse. Since your spouse trusted you and let you know what he/she would not prefer to tell others it is a big responsibility to keep it safe with you. Frequent harsh remarks will worn the ties between two.

6. Patience
One moment of patience may ward off great disaster. One moment of impatience may ruin a whole life. It is not easy to mend broken relationship.

7. Talk it out
I have always experienced this with my partner. Even if i have a small issue, all i need to do is to talk to him. His understanding, mature and loving nature makes me relax. The moment i talk it out... my heart says 'my problem is solved'. It doesn't mean that if your partner is not mature then talking about your issue wont help. It helps always.The extend differs but your spouse knows at least what you are going through!!

My last advise to all you beautiful people in luv and relationship is:
Don't let a beautiful relationship end because of your ego.

The most beautiful place in Mumbai

I knew Marine drive as the most beautiful place in Mumbai until I visited Amerson's Breach Candy Park. It was a special day with my fiance and was little hot too. But as soon as we entered the park, the climate seemed to have changed all of a sudden. The humid, polluted and unpleasant climate in Mumbai seems to have filtered before entering this park. If you visit here in the day time the scorching sun rays are magically altered to soothing light.

I was advised by one of my relatives in my teen days to visit this place with my boyfriend. I was waiting for the right guy to make this place memorable. And I must admit, we keep waiting to visit here again and again.
Amerson's Breach Candy
The rectangular sea facing park has two bordering jogging area. One is made up of beach sand and the other is concrete. The inner part is a well maintained garden surrounded by coconut trees. There are huge rocks between this park and the sea. In the evening when the sun sets this is best place to sit and relax.

It is a cool, tidy place with pleasant environment. There are upper class people in their late 50s, 60s working out. There is a children play park adjacent to the park. Some benches to sit and relax and you can even sit on the green grass. Also you can much on some snacks that are sold outside the park. I have had butter corn, grill sandwich and ice-cream. Also public lavatories and a place to read complimentary newspapers. There is a small fast-food joint named 'Premsons' a little away from the park that makes this delicious veg grill sandwich and sells some excellent ice-creams. My advise is, try the Chic-Choc.