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Being Critical and Comparative about my ride

I don't want to sound too critical.. But am just wondering if any1 out there in city of Mumbai, face the menace of this black rushing cockroach... the auto rickshaw. (Spare me if I did!)
No doubt, its the quickest was to reach in the nick of the time to your office..your home..a function.. when there is no public transport! The problem is.. there are more issues to travelling by an auto then there are advantages!
First of all, its next to impossible to get an empty auto in the city of mumbai and if you still manage to plead a driver with your innocent looks you should think thats an angel hailed from heaven on a god-forbid road.

There is constant change

Soon it will be 10 months to my marriage and things have changed already.. a lot.. From a challenging not easy to deal with person, now there is more patience and maturity.. from planning for careers to serving family.. from splurging on holidays to saving for future.. from talking long hours on phone with friends to being awake late night with hubby.. Every moment denotes there will be a new challenge.. Its exciting at times and is monotonous as well..

Not sure where will I be after a few more years.. and yes will I be facing the famous seven-years itch.. In any case I feel to be more independent..