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Role of a UI Designer

When people ask me what do I do? I try to explain them in all sorts of manner to impress and be proud of something great I do. And they accept me as a photoshop designer... phew!! It is so difficult to make them understand the myriad capacity of a Designer. The Design process is crucial to be followed as each step adds quality to the final output.
Mainly the Product Development Life cycle has 4 phases:
Discover, Design, Develop and Deliver.
Although as the name suggests, the involvement of a UI designer is not only in the Design Stage but also expected in the Discovery Stage. Lets take a brief understanding.

Step1: Understanding UI Designer needs to work closely with a cross-functional team that includes product development, business analysis, quality assurance and marketing teams to provide his experience in creating elegant UI.

A Graphic Designer, is not expected to have in-depth knowledge of Usability, hence he is not involved in the discussion.

Step2: Wireframing Once the UI tea…