Friday, September 12, 2014

Bhartiya sanskruti (Indian culture) a blessing : Dressing

Dhoti & Khes was worn by men since ages, Women wore Sarees. Why???

Here are the benefits:
  • One size fits all, even if you loose or gain weight. Our ancestors taught us to have a saving habit rather than consuming habits of westerners. 
  • Very efficient upcycle material.
  • Comfortable during internal waste discharge. 
  • Not only is the dhoti comfortable to wear but also to carry.
  • It is made of unstitch cloth hence economical and light weight.
  • There is a psychological backing to wearing “akhand” or whole garment. It gives a feeling of completion. I was asked to wear a single woven sari during my marriage when I wanted to wear a designer sari so badly. My mom said designer saris are made by stitching multiple patches of clothes, do u want your married life to be patchy? I know, it would sound superstitious but I did it just to be sure. 
  • It is made of cotton or silk. Cotton is the best material for climatic conditions in India. Even today doctors advice to dress infants in cotton nappy(Langot) as the synthetic ones cause rashes. 
  • Silk clothes have a tendency not to let the negative energy seep in, keeps one’s aura intact. 
  • One tradition which is still active is to gift silk khes as a sign of gratitude in presence of an audience. 
  • Sarees worn in gujarati style, covers women's body in such a way that enhances her personality without showing off her assets. In my opinion a women showing off her skin is looked up as an object and a lady who doesnt wish to show off her personal parts in public is respected.