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Worshiping the perfect lady

The Sanskrit sloka:
Karyeshu dasi, Karaneshu manthri;
Bhojeshu mata, Shayaneshu rambha;
Kshamayeshu dharithri, Roopeshu lakshmi;
Satkarma yukta, Kuladharma pathni.
is not related to anti-feminism. The verse is a praise of women.

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The sloka says that: A homemaker (wife) must be a good loyal worker just like a maid; a good adviser like a minister of King’s court; a caretaker like a mother; Romantic like Rambha, in bed room; a pardoner just like a goddess of earth; a beautiful like Lakshmi, the goddess of leaning and wife of Brahma; and perfect duty minded one.

Most important thing is to understand the in depth meaning of the sanskrit poems.

Karyeshu dasi: Not exactly one who works like maid. But what is the main quality we look in maid is loyalty. This implies that as per Indian culture, a wife was expected to be loyal to her husband come what may.

Karaneshu Mantri: One who advises during the critical times, if you look at history, Chanakya played such an important role in Chadr…