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A short story

It was a very busy office. The sound of typewriters and printers filled with the murmuring of a huge 100 people staff on the 5th floor. A new joinnee in the finance department was excited about his work, it was his first day and he had the chance to meet the CEO.
During his interviews he had known from his manager that the company ideology is personally prepared by the CEO himself. He had already read a lot about him. He wondered how lucky he must be! A man in his 50s, who was as rich as Croesus, was once a school dropout and owned a company of employees who are far more learned in terms of academics.

His heart pounced and the beats were faster as he reached the 11th floor.. the CEO's cabin. All he had to get is a signature on the cheque. In one corner in front of a huge desk sat the CEO's PA. A beautiful young girl dressed in a pink salwar kameez. She looked at him and smiled, "how may I help you?". He asked her if he could meet him, "I need his signature, I …