Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My experience with Mumbai Train

Strangely, the western railway of Mumbai city trains have only one ladies first class compartment which is at one end of the train. Where as the central railway has 3, each situated at the start, end and one in center. although the gents first class compartment situation is same on both the lines. There is one more Harbour line network that i have never commuted.

First class monthly pass is more than 3 times the cost of second class... Still very cheap! Although they are more crowded due to the narrow compartments. "The quality of sweat differs", is what people joke around. The first class lady commuters talk in English and show respect and attitude to fellow commuters (exceptions are always there!).

Both the class have regular travelers forming groups They keep talking during the mundane travel time. They reserve seats for their group members. Some even try to regulate others by maintaining a queue to enter the compartment. There is no such rule to enter in queue but ladies know how to rule ;)

Each compartment has 3 seats on each side of aisle. Nobody dares to discomfort the passengers and ask for fourth seat in first class. But that is not same in second class. Recently an old lady jolted me with disrespect to get a forth seat.

There is no ticket checking after the evenings. Since 6 months, I haven't seen any TC while returning home. So does my colleague confirm, who has been travelling for more than 5 years.

Relatives used to crib about how difficult it is to travel from central to western line. You have to walk through a crowded flyover at the main junction (Dadar Station). But that's not as much pain. In fact Mumbai BEST buses are more tiresome.

The new trains are quite well ventilated. The fans work! yes! and the seats are a bit better than the old wooden ones. I prefer to skip a train just to travel in the new ones.

You have to observe and conclude with trail and error, which part of the train is less crowded and feasible for the timing you are travelling. This will help you travel at ease. I did the same and now i have comfortably started to read books, get a seat and enjoy my travel to office.