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A designer, drifting in the crowd

Its been more than 3 months, I am back to corporate culture. For long time, I had been working on freelance and was habituated with self driven work environment. Hence joining a corporate was intriguing. Its not that this was my first time but it was surely exciting. I read blogs and articles and books tremendously and made myself ready to provide the best of me as a User Interface Designer.

The product company i work with has a huge team of developers and a small team of idea guys like the Business Analysts(BAs). To my surprise, the devs were demotivated and the BAs were less motivated. I thought perhaps this is the same everywhere in India and I should concentrate on what i can do best.

I gave them the sleek, user-friendly, clean and crisp look to their existing design. When I would request a BA to brief about a module he would tell me, you need not know that. I don't blame him. but designers in India are looked upon in the same way. Mostly peers look at me like a 'photosh…

I wanna be a kid again

I was reading about this entrepreneur whose partner was ten years younger to him. Although there is one obvious age difference but more precise differentiation is in the way they think. What impresses me is that the older one had an attitude to ask for business solution to the younger one without putting the curtain of ego. That helped him to think with a new perspective.
With experience, usually what happens is, we try to bind ourselves. Restrict to think beyond the possibilities of what our past has taught us. Thus the basic requirement of, being creative and innovative in problem solving, is lost.

This very experience that we are all proud of becomes the outcome of our fears. A child that has seen fire for the first time, may feel like touching it. But as soon as it burns its hand, the fearsome experience takes the form of lesson 'not to be repeated'

There is a folk tale where the villagers are worried due to delayed rains in the season. So everyone decides to visit a temp…