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Paisa Vasool Films

This year, Bollywood has surprised me with its “hatke genre”. It all started with Hasee toh phasee, then shaadi ke side effects and now Queen. Thank you Bollywood for gifting me out of the box entertainment on my birth month.

I have always been a fan of realistic films. I love motivational movies like Iqbal, Wake up sid, Kai Po Che, English Winglish, I am Kalam, Pursuit of happiness, Harishchandra chi factory and if it has a touch of 'based on true incidence', it is my cheery on the cake. I loved Ratatouille, Kunfu Panda and the bucket list also… makes me believe in me again and again.

I am so happy that Bollywood has moved on for time being from its Govinda style and South copy Action movies. Although there is still a huge audience for such ‘dont apply logic’ movies and bring a lot of money to the producers. I pray, the censor board declares a particular month for nonsense movie so we are spared for the rest of year.

I Salute The Mother In You

I have been traveling through BEST bus since a month now. Observing passengers especially ladies. I prefer the reserved seat for ladies. I usually get to sit immediately there. 
A lady in burkha sat beside me with her 7months boy. I started.
Me: "Does he have teeth yet?"
She was very welcoming and showed me his tiny milky teeth. He was cute, enjoying that he was travelling.
Me: "Is he your first child?"
She said, “No its my third, I have other two girls. I just dropped them to school and am returning from there.”
It is a personal opinion on how many kids a couple wants to have but what amazes me is how a mother takes care of as many kids she has with all the love and attention.

Today while at the bus stop for boarding my ride i meet a lady. She lost her husband at much early age and had two kids to take care. she started her career at 30 and didn’t look back. Its cool how she manages her home and work together with kids. No personal life! I salute the mother in h…