Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I Salute The Mother In You

I have been traveling through BEST bus since a month now. Observing passengers especially ladies. I prefer the reserved seat for ladies. I usually get to sit immediately there. 

A lady in burkha sat beside me with her 7months boy. I started.
Me: "Does he have teeth yet?"
She was very welcoming and showed me his tiny milky teeth. He was cute, enjoying that he was travelling.
Me: "Is he your first child?"
She said, “No its my third, I have other two girls. I just dropped them to school and am returning from there.”
It is a personal opinion on how many kids a couple wants to have but what amazes me is how a mother takes care of as many kids she has with all the love and attention.

Today while at the bus stop for boarding my ride i meet a lady. She lost her husband at much early age and had two kids to take care. she started her career at 30 and didn’t look back. Its cool how she manages her home and work together with kids. No personal life! I salute the mother in her too.

I am married and now I know how much fun it is to go back to mom's home and spend time with her. My dad is retired but mom is never going to be. When I go to stay with her, she still gets up early morning and cooks a meal for me so i can enjoy it in the noons at office. She probably will never retire. I will be a mother in future someday. I wonder how will I get the strength, dedication for my kids and love them unconditionally?

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