Wish List

A perfect healthy body is the basic reason of my happiness. I want to exercise daily in the early morning followed by yoga.(love the tranquility)

I plan to Retire @ 45

Own a Macbook Pro 15'3 inch(owned it) and Honda City(own a Honda Brio) Ivtech(or which ever is the latest at the time of purchase) as part of my materialistic pleasures.

Learn to cook all types of cuisines. Yes but vegetarian and in the style that Jainism permits. 

Want to learn dancing (already started, performed at a stage show). An ultimate stress-buster.. I would love to Salsa with some one special(M)! Even Traditional folk dance with my friends.

Learn Sanskrit (enrolled with the Rashtriya Sanskrit Sangh's, Delhi board courses). and converse with my family in this ancient language.
I have learnt to read, write and speak in German back in my college days... I feel a need to brush this up too.

Want to own a house that has an uninterrupted sea facing view from my room balcony. Staying at Breach-Candy Kemps Corner has been part of my fantasy!

Want to do landscaping for my own lawn and even for villages in India. I simply want to beautify a place with the colors of nature and if possible educate about global warming to younger generation in a different way.
Want to own a farm house.. my personal rejuvenation spot ;) where i will be spending my retirement days.

Canvas Painting was once my hobby. I miss it so much. I want to capture my favorite moment in colors someday. I love to do water colors. I want to know the history of all great jain shravaks and paint their life stories.

I enjoy Creation.. Be it Greeting cards or make small robots or small equipments with waste or thrown away items to bring solutions... Making things more usable and user-friendly with the help of science to improve day-to-day life.

Tailoring for my child's clothes... stitch them in a manner to suit his comfort.

Jainism has its own vast science which i want to understand and be proud of.

I want to travel intensely, all our India(Been to Jammu Kashmir, Rajasthan Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Goa, Kerala, Daman diu, Jharkhand). I strongly believe that beauty in India, is highly diverse and mesmerizing! I would explore each state and enjoy what nature has to give me.

Give back to society in some way. I believe everything we get is to be shared and passed on. We go out of this world empty handed.

Want to be satisfied with everything i could attain or not. I believe its our past karma that decides upon our destiny so there is no use getting upset about things that didn't go our way. We can try our best with what we get. I want to be Happy always! :)

Live a Lavish Lifestyle... My life is Queen size.. want to try everything before i die.


Make a short Film
Learn to Skate
Drive a Lamborghini at the speed of 200km/h
Sky Dive
Skuba Dive
Visit Niagra Falls
Solve a Rubik's cube 
Sail a Gondola through the canals of venice
See the northen lights (Auroras)
Get a Body Piercing & a Tatoo
Visit the ran of Kutch during a full moon night 
Ride in a Limo
Have myself a charm bracelet
Learn multiplication tables up-to 19
Enjoy the world's top 25 trains' experience
Learn to fly a charter plane


The Wish is longer.. i m still jotting down