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Togetherness v/s Loneliness

Everyone here wants to be happy. If we think over carefully, what makes us happy or when were we happy the most, we will realize that most of the time we are happy spending time with someone close. 
Loneliness is something like an addictive drug that is going to eat you till your death bed. Whereas, togetherness is something that will make each moment memorable and worth living.
I happen to see an old couple daily… they are strange. Their clothes are little weary and they seem to be alone. They visit nearly all kind of shrines in the suburb. I judge this because they have that tilak on their forehead and I have seen them near temples in my locality.
They carry fruits to offer at the temple. I was happy to see them having that thoughtfulness. So many rich people of my locality that i know visit the temple i go daily but they never seem to carry any offerings. And this old poor looking couple do that. 
Once I overheard their conversation and its so much caring that the old man had for …

Why veg food is better than non-veg?

Blogging after a long time..
This time I want to share my thoughts on eating habits and its effects.

I have been attending a session named "Perfecting Youth" given by a monk named "Udayvallabh Maharaj".  Lately he spoke on boycott of non-veg food. But to convince a young educated crowd like us... is bit difficult!

Following are the points covered: