Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Togetherness v/s Loneliness

Everyone here wants to be happy. If we think over carefully, what makes us happy or when were we happy the most, we will realize that most of the time we are happy spending time with someone close. 

Loneliness is something like an addictive drug that is going to eat you till your death bed. Whereas, togetherness is something that will make each moment memorable and worth living.
I happen to see an old couple daily… they are strange. Their clothes are little weary and they seem to be alone. They visit nearly all kind of shrines in the suburb. I judge this because they have that tilak on their forehead and I have seen them near temples in my locality.

They carry fruits to offer at the temple. I was happy to see them having that thoughtfulness. So many rich people of my locality that i know visit the temple i go daily but they never seem to carry any offerings. And this old poor looking couple do that. 

Once I overheard their conversation and its so much caring that the old man had for his wife! Many couples in india are bonded by arrange marriage but I don't see a word of affection that a husband shares with his wife! 

What amazes me is their togetherness. Most middle age couple have accepted to live their own lifestyle alone even though they remain wedded. Well! thats our culture to be with your spouse for lifetime. 

What we forget is the importance of each other in a relationship and tend to take each other for granted. We forget that there is a sense of completion we feel in togetherness.
So many relationship makes us happy. The maternal love a child gets can't be replaced by any relationship. The feeling of ownership that a dad feels and the way he takes care of his family makes us so secure. The response that a child gives to his parents love is also an inexpressible love of the child. There is a feeling of completion that a partner gives to their spouse. In each face of life we feel happy WITH loved ones. I emphasis WITH.

I understand that the base of any illness is this loneliness. If you have friends, family or any close ones who are ill, mentally or physically, just help them move out of loneliness because being together is a bliss!