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Aries & Cancer compatibility

This pairing brings together two very different natures, and caution is strongly advised. At first the Aries may show ardent desire, and pursue the Crab in a romantic way that sends signals of true love. But if the sensitive heart of Cancer opens, there could be trouble when the Aries flame suddenly goes out. The Cancer will retreat into their shell, and the Aries will either get bored and move on, or do serious damage by trying to gain re-entry into the Crab's private world by force.
Aries doesn't understand the indirect style of the Cancer nature, and could become impatient. The emotional world of the Cancer could seem claustrophobic, dependent and limiting to the strong-willed Aries. A needy, wounded Cancer that tries to hang on to an Aries may hold on for many years before letting go. If this pair makes it through the initial shock of their encounter, it could end up being a challenging, exciting relationship. Aries inspires Cancer to let go of their fears and "just d…

Writing a Diary

I have started writing an online dairy.. Probably when i grow old and will have time to do absolutely nothing :P I will glance through the pages, relive special moments and talk about my past experience with my grand kids.. haha who knows how long one lives but I really want to do this. Online diary means never lost or cant be deleted or not in wrong hands... So here i go typing my daily thoughts :)

Poor Service by Enrich Salon

I got myself a membership card for the famous Enrich Salon. Looking at the cost, the equipments and the products they use I was pretty impressed.
But I was upset to know later that the services are provided by trainees (Ghatkopar branch) who think they know a lot about their work like an experienced professional and advise us like one is new to the world.

I had got my skin treatment done twice and got completely different opinion from both. They try to promote their services in the time alloted for treatment and spend less time on service. I did the skin Rejuvination Basic Facial and Matte effect clean up in a span of two months. Some professional (so called) are rude too. One of them didnt even ask me what treatment i want to go and wen i asked her about it she said I knw what is good for your skin. After the service when i pointed out that i can still see the work undone she said my skin was too sensitive so she left that part x-(
I dont recommend these people to any one... serio…