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Solved My First Rubik's Cube

The famous 1980s invention of the award winning game.... Rubik's cube kept me amazing for a long time. My husband got me this puzzle on my request. He was actually looted by the shop keeper. Its not like the original one that has specific colors on each side. It is bit hard to handle because its made up of cheap plastic. But I enjoyed the challenge. And Here is the picture of my first solved Rubik's cube.

I followed some algorithm that I learnt from a youtube video. I am not a genius with numbers but I can surely solve this puzzle again in another 10 minutes. I read there is a record 67 sec solving of this cube.
Also seen a video where a person can solve with eyes closed.

Our Anniversary Celebration

2years of blissful marriage and still counting. It was a lucky day for both of us and the climate was the proof. It was dawn and visiting the temple that in a way was the reason of our bonding was in our priority list. So we drove through an hour long drive on the highway and it was raining cats and dogs. Seemed like the clouds were emptying their stocks so that we have a dry pleasant day ahead. Thats what happened. We reached the temple and after we did our prayers no showers were seen. On the way to the resort we were marveled by the outstanding paintings of mother nature. How I wanted to behold each moment but every other scene seemed to be overwhelming. I was bitting and sharing chunk of flavored chocolate delicacies that my husband got me out of surprise.

We reached the Silent Hill Resort at 9:30 and had our breakfast. The resort is a water-park cum amusement park. It has some 11-12 water rides that one can enjoy with loud music. A rain dance floor and a pool will water shower. A…