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I'm Luving it !!!

Cooking is an art!! It is a boring chore for some but i enjoy it a lot. :) I get the most genuine feedback from the best critic, my husband. He is a complete foody. I love every part of cooking. Getting the ingredients, knowing how to buy the best in terms of quality, understanding different techniques & popular flavor combination, keeping kitchen area clean, garnishing & saving cooking time. I keep in mind that my food is not only delicious in taste but also nutritive. Like in a laboratory, when chemicals are added in proper proportion and in a systematic sequence the output produced is desired, same goes in kitchen. The proportion, ingredients and technique all are very important.
I have been referring to manjula's kitchen lately. I am a big fan of her vegetable pasta recipe. She explains all of them so precisely and the best part is they are all veg. I am a pure Jain and with the limitations I have with the ingredients, cooking is a challenge for me. I am enjoying in ta…

Kshamapna: Forgiveness

The 8days Jain festival called "Paryushan" has a very thoughtful message to give. It inspires you to forgive and forget the past grievances. "Michhami Dukkadam" is what you tell everyone, not only humans but every single soul in the universe. It is a prakrit phrase meaning 'to be forgiven' or 'may all evil that has been done be forgiven'.

Why do we forgive some one?
1. Because he can be harmful
2. Because you owe him
3. Because of some religious reason like God says we must forgive and forget
4. Because that is what you call as dignity
There can be many reasons. Be it. But the calmness you feel after forgiving wholeheartedly is inexpressible. Like we bath daily... our soul should also be cleaned at-least on a yearly basis!

As humans we tend to have some or the other feel of grievances, hatred, enmity, jealousy etc towards others. Slowly & gradually this ill feelings give rise to feelings of revenge which ultimately is a destructive process &…