Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm Luving it !!!

Cooking is an art!! It is a boring chore for some but i enjoy it a lot. :) I get the most genuine feedback from the best critic, my husband. He is a complete foody. I love every part of cooking. Getting the ingredients, knowing how to buy the best in terms of quality, understanding different techniques & popular flavor combination, keeping kitchen area clean, garnishing & saving cooking time. I keep in mind that my food is not only delicious in taste but also nutritive. Like in a laboratory, when chemicals are added in proper proportion and in a systematic sequence the output produced is desired, same goes in kitchen. The proportion, ingredients and technique all are very important.
I have been referring to manjula's kitchen lately. I am a big fan of her vegetable pasta recipe. She explains all of them so precisely and the best part is they are all veg. I am a pure Jain and with the limitations I have with the ingredients, cooking is a challenge for me. I am enjoying in taking up challenges anyway!

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