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Factors that affect Google Page Rank

When we talk about Page Ranking, We have to find out those factors google uses to give page ranking. Google uses more than 250 algorithms to give a page ranking and we do not know all of them, But some factors are that we can identify. Google gives ranking on the basis of popularity of a webpage. If a webpage is popular enough, Google will give higher page rank to that page.

In this article I am giving some factors google uses to give a ranking to a page.

Good Motivation

Recently I am introduced to a guy named Mitul Thakkar. I am impressed by his zeal to follow his aim, his public relationship skills, his excitement level and his down-to-earthness. It is through him that I have understood the importance of my life, not directly but yes.. though his inspirations. Following are the two great vedios he shared with me:

Reach the next level

Was going through the book '101 ways to reach the next level' and came across a very nice article. It said one should find the perfect moment daily. Of course our lives could have been better but some how we are missing the perfect moment that passes by daily. I have made a resolution to enjoy my life with the support of those very moments. I want to see less of negativity in my life and be positive about every phase, want to find perfect moments daily by being optimistic.