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Yes, I'm an introvert. No, I'm not shy.

What do women talk with their girl gang? I always wondered. The new office I work in has fewer girls and my only rescuer to loneliness is the HR who is sweet and talkative. Initially we talked about food. This being the best conversation starters with everyone. She being a hard core non-vegetarian and I being a pure Jain, the discussions didn't long last. At times, ended me upset.

I was really hoping for a friend who would not judge me on my eating preference. But since we both didn't have much of a comfort companion to be with, we tried to adjust with each other and get along.

Talks about fashion, travel, lifestyle, skin care, hair care and lot more... We even discussed about petty personal things. I believe we are at much comfort zone now. Not even three months and we are happy spending the lunch hour together. The key to this was, give space to opinions and avoid being judgmental.

I have mostly been a loner whole my life. So it petrifies me to be in a group or initiate a c…