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Mumbaikar’s Bangalore days

It’s been three decades since I was born and yet never lived outside Mumbai. I shared my thoughts with my hubby regarding staying someplace else to enjoy some life experiences. One evening he comes home and tells me, “it seems you have been praying really hard”. I had completely forgotten about our talk and couldn’t relate to what he was referring to. My heart was pounding harder with every word he spoke. So, I started my journey in the garden city of Bengaluru in 2016. I was so excited to live life on my own terms. To cook what I want to, to keep stuffs my own way and no one to judge. Such freedom seeking and adventurous mind I had. Slowly I understood the cons too. I lived in central Mumbai and now I am at HSR Layout of Bengaluru. My observations are restricted to these places. So here is the list of things I find surprising in here… 1.I had two different house helps who don’t send their girl child to school. Girls age 6 and above take care of infant whole day as that would be conveni…