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Golden Age of Designers

There has never been differentiation between meaningful design and beautiful designs. This is because perfection goes unnoticed but a flaw is always remarked! User interface designers like me, having bookish knowledge and hardly any practical approach will always regret this era. Its the time when entrepreneurs are preferring designers as their partners or co-founders. Why is that so? read this.

I believe, a designer can see more than a business analyst. An analyst will do all the research and come up with a conclusion. Whereas a designer will know how to make that conclusion meaningful. Its like Apple knew that its an age of tablet even before the end user did. But after a master piece like iPad is in the market, every other competitor wishes to jump in with their gadgets. What is the result? iPad still sustains the fame and craze.
People thought that the Apple team is trying to fool them with a bigger screen. But if you see a twitter app in an iPad and the same in some other tablet…

My Love for Dove

I have become doveaholic ever since...
The soap is what I started with. Silky texture and yes...its right what their ads say... you can move out of home without makeup after using this product for at least a weak.
Then came the shampoo. It left my hairs dry if i didn't give an oil massage before hair wash... Still a mild shampoo that i prefer to other chemical based.
I read about the face wash (actually it is more than that) on a blog. It truly works on my pores as it challenges! It forms a silky foam with just a tip of the creme. It is very easy to rinse off!
The smell of the anti-perspirant deodorant is mild like soaps claiming to reduce white marks. Well I didn't have them so can't say! Just thought to add it to the family :p

Orange Peel Mask

Its been a month now that I have been applying a home made dry orange peel mask to my facial skin and it glows like never before. At times I feel baby soft. Many times when I have to go out on a date or I have a party to attend all I do is apply this mask for 20-30 mins. Even If I remove it quickly after 10 mins, as it dries, it gives me a lustrous shine. It has reduced blemishes and acne which gives me a flawless look. Also I had patchy dry areas on my face that have been equalized.

Here's my ingredients:
1 teaspoon of dry orange peel
4 drops of lemon juice
1 and a half teaspoon of yogurt/curd

I prefer sour curd as it has more acidic property to remove dead layer of skin. I don't know if there are products in the market complimenting this but I like to use things I have in my kitchen. It is easy to make orange peel powder. All you have to do is have the sweet fruit and put the peel for drying. In a week you will see them rust pale and dry. Grind them finely in a mixture, and …

The Philosopher

A philosopher is he who can make complicated things look simple! I rejoice seeing through his eyes. Some of this wise-man's point of view are priceless! :) Read on the art of living. Or watch videos on ArtOfLivingTV Channel.