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Easy to make Cocoa-Coconut Chocolate

Here is a recipe from my Aunt. I have tried it and just luv it so much! It has the similar taste of a Bounty Chocolate. It took me around 20mins to do this excluding the 1hr refrigerating part. Sieve all the powder ingredients before preparation.


100gm Dry coconut powder
100gm ~ 4oz Britannia - Marigold biscuits
100gm Powdered Sugar
100gm Drinking Chocolate powder
1/2 cup Milk
1tbsp Butter

The To-Do List

A piece of little torn paper that lies like a sacred scripture in my wallet, is none other than my guide to 'happy completion of tasks'. I so much adore the process.. Noting down what are the things i want to finish. Setting priorities and assigning date of completion. Striking a nice tick beside it, after my work is complete.

I ask myself 'why a paper to note down, when there are so many new technologies to do the same?' I am not sure of the answer. What can it be? Because this paper keeps popping out of my wallet, reminding me there are things waiting! Because it has that personal touch.. my handwriting.. there is something about it...seriously! Before, I have used Google tasks & my cell phone application but it didn't do wonders. Somehow the satisfaction i feel after every strike out is inexpressible and was probably missing elsewhere.

I have now found a solution to my forgetful nature. Besides, the people who once enjoyed realizing me how forgetful i am, …