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Our Anniversary Celebration

2years of blissful marriage and still counting. It was a lucky day for both of us and the climate was the proof. It was dawn and visiting the temple that in a way was the reason of our bonding was in our priority list. So we drove through an hour long drive on the highway and it was raining cats and dogs. Seemed like the clouds were emptying their stocks so that we have a dry pleasant day ahead. Thats what happened. We reached the temple and after we did our prayers no showers were seen. On the way to the resort we were marveled by the outstanding paintings of mother nature. How I wanted to behold each moment but every other scene seemed to be overwhelming. I was bitting and sharing chunk of flavored chocolate delicacies that my husband got me out of surprise.

We reached the Silent Hill Resort at 9:30 and had our breakfast. The resort is a water-park cum amusement park. It has some 11-12 water rides that one can enjoy with loud music. A rain dance floor and a pool will water shower. A mini train and some kids play area were a few things that we thought to sidestep. There are some resting areas with ceiling fan and some typical village cane beds. Also a patch for some interesting swings made up of rubber tyre. We bought a locker to keep some handy stuffs we got along and rested on the beds for some time. I was scanning through the new ipod touch and took a nap for a while.

The noise of a loud music woke us up and we were all ready in our swim suits with sunscreen over our body to dive into the fun zone. There was a tube ride that scared me like hell. My husband weighs some 70kg and I am 15kgs less than him. The tube was a two person ride so everytime we took that ride I was completely droned under the water in a lightening speed. I like the sleep and dash ride. One of the ride had lots of loops so that freaked us as well.

Then we went to the pool with water shover and took it as a massage over our back. I also enjoyed rain dancing with my husband with the latest hit music played on.

After some 2 hours of fun, the rides were put on a halt for lunch break. A typical Gujarati thali was waiting to be attacked on. Yummy I loved that I got home cooked food. Back in the resting area, we chatted about everything that came into our minds. I love this part of our twosomes. How laid back we were and enjoyed being that! We then went for the rides again but this time we got out fast. Got a shower and took chai, ice gola to the lake side gazebo. We were nostalgic about the day two years back and felt happy that destiny got us together.

Relaxing at the lake facing Gazebo

Where else could we go to spend some peaceful time with each other and avoid some typical calls to be attended and avoid doubtable greetings to be appreciated.

We came back and had a romantic candle light dinner in the city's elegant hotel. Thats how we spend the most unforgettable day in another memorable way!

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