Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Why veg food is better than non-veg?

Blogging after a long time..
This time I want to share my thoughts on eating habits and its effects.

I have been attending a session named "Perfecting Youth" given by a monk named "Udayvallabh Maharaj".  Lately he spoke on boycott of non-veg food. But to convince a young educated crowd like us... is bit difficult!

Following are the points covered:

  1. We humans are born vegetarians

    Some body parts like nails, eyes, intestine, teeth, and drinking manner defines if an animal/ Living Creature is carnivorous or herbivorous.
    First let's look at teeth. If the mammal has long, sharp canine teeth next to the front (incisor) teeth and also has sharp cheek teeth (carnissials) it is a carnivore. The canines are for seizing and stabbing prey. The carnassials help cut up meat in the mouth. If the mammal has either blunt canines or no canines, and has big flat side and back teeth (premolars and molars) it is a herbivore. Herbivores use their molars for crushing and grinding plants.
    We don't have sharp claws nor do we have front facing eyes. Our Intestines are longer too. This proves that Nature has defined as to be vegetarians. For more info read this article.
  2. No religion propagates non-vegetarianism

    Does your? Even in Islam, there is no mention of butchering a Goat on the occasion of Eid. There has been a mention to sacrifice their most beloved thing though.
  3. Loss to Ecosystem

    The ICAR states that 12Cr tonnes of agricultural produce is required for 102cr Indians. And yet 30cr tonnes is produced. Why do we still face food shortage? The reason being more agricultural produce goes to poultry industries. It is infact produced for cattle rearing. Mere 600Cr is consumed by USA for poultry.
    The amount of agriculture produce required to satisfy 16 humans is alone consumed by a cattle which gives that amount of meat to satisfy 4 humans.
    What a waste!
    Arent the non-vegetarians responsible for global warming in a way? Just Think!
  4. Extinction of the feeling of mercy

    This a great loss to the society. More than the extinction of animals.

    How often do you find a butcher well mannered, polite and thoughtful! A habit of chopping another living creature (i mean an animal with all 5 senses and not plants who have only one sense i.e. touch) and eating it with pleasure makes one cruel.

    It is psychological to develop the aggression and non-compassion. This feeling grows and starts to show its effects on family, friends and society. He will never fear to act violent as it has been accustomed to do it on animals.

    Why cant we see a non-violent movement outside India? As there is hardly any country who would propagate vegetarianism on religious basis (by compulsion).
  5. Have a healthy body

    How many of us are advised to reduce meat consumption by doctors? Be it Weight loss or cardiac disorders. Ayurveda is a science of medicine made from plants and herbs. Today the world is going herbal. The reason being its most effective and suitable for our body.

    We all are being taught since school about transformation of energies through Food Chain. This means that less energy is available at the herbivore level than at the primary producer level, less yet at the carnivore level, and so on.
    Its not easy to digest meat. It stinks in the intestines for days. If water in digested in 1-2 hrs and plants in 2-4 hrs, meat and flesh takes about 2 to 3 days.
  6. What You Eat is What You Become

    This is something my granny used to tell us..."આહાર ઍવો ઓડકાર" I dont understand what it means in depth but i definitely don't want to be another animal. I would prefer to take the "Joy of giving" culture from the plants who have been valuable to the Eco-system and also to me.

    I guess the only... perhaps the most hidden reason why people pledge to non-veg is the taste it cultivates. Just like cocaine... it gets addictive!