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Worshiping the perfect lady

The Sanskrit sloka:
Karyeshu dasi, Karaneshu manthri;
Bhojeshu mata, Shayaneshu rambha;
Kshamayeshu dharithri, Roopeshu lakshmi;
Satkarma yukta, Kuladharma pathni.

is not related to anti-feminism. The verse is a praise of women.

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The sloka says that: A homemaker (wife) must be a good loyal worker just like a maid; a good adviser like a minister of King’s court; a caretaker like a mother; Romantic like Rambha, in bed room; a pardoner just like a goddess of earth; a beautiful like Lakshmi, the goddess of leaning and wife of Brahma; and perfect duty minded one.

Most important thing is to understand the in depth meaning of the sanskrit poems.

Karyeshu dasi: Not exactly one who works like maid. But what is the main quality we look in maid is loyalty. This implies that as per Indian culture, a wife was expected to be loyal to her husband come what may.

Karaneshu Mantri: One who advises during the critical times, if you look at history, Chanakya played such an important role in Chadragupta’s life. I the same way, a wife is considered to beholding the power to bring up her family with her wisdom and intelligence.

Bhojyeshu Mata: While feeding food who thinks like mom. A hotel owner or a chat wala (street food seller) will not give you food unless you pay money but a mother no matter what time it is if you tell her that you are hungry she cooks and feeds food to your hearts content.The quality we are looking here is unconditional love.

Shayaneshu Rambha: In hindu mythology Rambha , who is an apsara, is pictured as a very beautiful dancer damsel in indra’s (king of god’s) court. Rambha is known for her beauty and she pleases gods with her talent. The quality we are looking is who tries to cheer up, encourage and give comfort (even in bed)

Roopeshu lakshmi: Goddess lakshmi is the goddess of wealth. A wife is expected to manage the house finance in a way that brings in wealth. She does that selflessly with dedication and frugality. She doesn't splurge on her personal affairs overlooking the family requirements.

Kshamayeshu dharithri: While forgiving one should be like mother earth. Quality here is boundless compassion.

Satkarma Yukta: Satkarma means good deeds and yukta means a person bearing such quality. She is expected to set an example of a wise persona as she is blindly followed by her kids and family.

The author here is saying a kula dharma patni (perfect house wife) should posses the qualities like loyalty, intelligence, unconditional love, cheers for good causes, dedication, wisdom and boundless compassion.

The most wonderful thing about our ancient literature is every thing said is not time bound… its like eternal truth. Even though this sloka was written 1000+ of years back, it still holds the key to a happy family.

The author here conveys that, these are the qualities, an ideal wife should posses.

The same literature says that where females are worshipped, there resides the god. Worshipping here means not literally doing pooja but RESPECTING and UNDERSTANDING.

This is how a female is given utmost importance in indian mythology.

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