Monday, April 26, 2010

How to give an Ayurvedic Facial Treatment

There are about 8 steps in Ayurvedic Facial... although the 9th is an optional. Ayurvedic treatment helps immensely.

1. Cleansing: The best cleanser is skimmed Milk. Apply it in the morning before having bath. The appropriate method is to keep rubbing it until it is soaked completely, leaving a dry sticky feel. Also apply this on arms and legs when they get tanned. Leave it for 10-15mins and then head to bath.

2. Oil Massage: For oily skin Aloe Vera Gel, Dry skin Caster oil and normal skin Aloe Vera Gel or Almond Oil works best. The oil used should be little worm. Massage with your finger tips in circular motion. This is for better blood circulation and formation of new cells.

3. Herbal Steam: Steam removes the dirt collected in the pores of skin. Boil water & Neem leaves together in a vessel. Put your face on the mouth of the vessel a little far and cover your face from behind with a towel. Don't give steam for a more than 5 mins. Neem steam is best although you will get a bitter smell during the process. Since you have already had an oil massage, there is no need to add essential oils to the steam.

4. Gentle Scrub: Walnut powder mixed in clay is the best scrub for oily skin. Also for a smooth refreshing feel use scrub made out of Watermelon seeds powder and clay. Rub with a light hand for about 5 mins and rinse off.

5. Nutrifying Mask: The Face mask is essential to close the open pores. Use natural fruits as mask. Banana, Papaya are the best options for reducing skin ageing. One should avoid applying mask on this area as the skin under eyes stretches faster and wrinkles appear naturally.

6. Toning: Tomatoes, Lemon and cucumber juice applied on face helps reduce blemishes. It is the BEST remedy to reduce tanned skin.

7. Moisturizing: A skin should be moisturized daily. Apply a heavy moisturizer in the night and a light one in the day as the effects. I use moisturizing creme called 'Roopam lep' and Caster oil for under eye. You can use Shea butter instead of a cream.

8. Hydrating: Keep drinking lot of water. At least 2litres per day. Use digestive capsules or drink milk after dinner to clear the body toxics. I chew boiled Fenugreek seeds early morning to remove body toxins easily.

9. Make Up: Ayurvedic make up doesn't harm skin and is free from animal testing. It also helps in improving texture and results into healthy skin. It is the most advisable make up for all age group.

I personally follow steps 1, 7, 8 daily and remaining steps once in a week. It has given me a fantastic refreshing skin.