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All time Movies.. the best ones in my opinion

Wake up Sid: Best screenplay I have ever admired. Each moment flows so smoothly and describes the connection of a young aspiring writer girl who is just in mumbai and a spoiled, care-free young guy just out of college.

Slumdog Millionaire: Oscar Winner! I liked the way each situation in the life of the guy is linked with the questions asked at the Show. And it impresses me more to see the child actors with remarkably flawless expressions.

Jab We Met: A dream of every teen. :) A story of a guy who is successful in business but failure in life and seeks love in this extremely bubbly girl who lives life whole heatedly. It shows perfectly, the give and take each individual dreams of in a relationship.

Hera Pheri: A roller coaster of laughter, the best ever dialogues and funny situations. What impresses me in this story is how three strangers living in mumbai become friends/family because of common problem that is struggle for money and expectations out of life.

Ramji Londonwaley: When the unexpected becomes better then the expected is what Ramji's Life! I have a knack of cooking in me so this chef impresses me with his simple cooking too. Although the film is more on ramji's simplicity and innocence that is shown so remarkably

Aankhen: A unique story of three blinds, trained to rob a bank. It is like some of the Hollywood movies.. infact the first movie that was tried to be made in Hollywood but couldn't happen because of silly objections of bollywood directors. The story creates thrill and anxiousness with lot of humor.

Humraaz: A drama that has an innocent girl to choose between her wise husband and her blind love. The game that each character plays and really melodious songs makes the film interesting. 

Sarfarosh: Most fantastic screenplay that mesmerizes with Amir's Acting as a DCP. The dialogues and maturity of Amir's character are to be must watched. Movie shows the struggle of Amir fighting to find the culprits that ruin the peace of mumbai city.

Lagaan: Even if you are not a cricket fan you will love to see this movie. The plight and emotions of villagers before the independence with the humor of playing a completely new game for a cause makes this movie unique and must watch.

Hum apke hai kaun: A very colorful Indian wedding and the feelings attached with the incoming of a new member in the family is a must watch with family and loved ones. Brilliant lyrics and melodious songs. I remember that I was just 12 years old when this film was released. I couldn't stop recollecting the movie even while returning home after the film. It had left a mark on my thoughts.

Dasvidanya: True inspiration for me! This guy in his 30s is a complete looser who couldnt propose the girl he loved, couldnt fight for dignity with his boss and could hardly do any good to his life. Almost heartbroken to know that he suffering from the last stage of cancer, his life changed after meeting a guy at the Bar who made him understand that "Break rule" is not wrong at times! Thus he is inspired to make a '10 things to do before i die'. Superb acting and brilliant direction!

Band Baaja Barat:
Life is beautiful:
The Dark Knight:
Finding Nemo:
Pirates of the Caribbean:
Harishchandrachi Factory:

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