Friday, June 4, 2010

Personality Traits according to Zodiac Sign

I have been a reading a lot of predictions about personality traits since long time. Finding that some of my traits are similar to the predictions, I started observing people. I don't rely much on forecasts. Although after observing for quite a long time I have understood that some personality traits of similar zodiacs do match.

I am so addicted to this now that every time I meet a new person I try and figure out which zodiac he must be belonging to or just ask them their Birth date. After knowing the correct zodiac I try and present myself. I have no intentions to hurt or deceive any one. I go through this process because I find it exciting to observe and predict.

Here is the list of the good & bad about each sign that I have been observing:

ARIES (Mar 21 - April 19): With attitude I AM
Good: Energetic
Bad: Short tempered

TAURUS (April 21st - May 21st): With attitude I HAVE
Good: Practical
Bad: Stubborn

GEMINI (May 22nd - June 21st): With attitude I THINK
Good: Multitask
Bad: Wavering mind

CANCER (22nd June to 23rd July): With attitude I FEEL
Good: Caring
Bad: Over sensitive

LEO (July 23rd - August 23rd): With attitude I WILL
Good: Confident
Bad: Egoistic
VIRGO (August 24th - Sept. 22nd): With attitude I ANALYZE
Good: Perfectionist
Bad: Critical

LIBRA (Sept. 23rd - Oct. 23rd): With attitude I BALANCE
Good: Diplomatic
Bad: Flirtatious

SCORPIO (Oct. 24th - Nov. 22nd): With attitude I DESIRE
Good: Loyal
Bad: Aggressive

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23rd - Dec. 21st): With attitude I AIM
Good: Enthusiastic
Bad: Careless

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22nd - Jan. 20th): With attitude I USE
Good: Hardworking
Bad: Selfish
AQUARIUS (Jan. 21st - Feb. 18th): With attitude I KNOW
Good: Friendly, humanitarian
Bad: Jealous

PISCES (Feb. 19th - March 20th): With attitude I BELIEVE
Good: Artistic 
Bad: Very Sensitive

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