Friday, November 18, 2011


Struck by a lightening, Frozen by the light,
A light that showed her truth, in the bewildered dark night.

That night it burned, the feathers of a flying bird,
Left it alone in her world, with no choice but to wait unheard,
Her wound got reverse healing, and the pain made her numb,
She had to wait patiently sealing, a bitter truth, that broke her into crumb.

She had feared the journey, but headed bravely,
To make a fiction turn truth;
Ohh she failed badly, and couldn't fulfil sadly,
The dream she saw in her youth.

The journey of despair seems so long,
Though useless, she aims to get along;
And reach the destination to relish others celebrate,
Coz achievement is with whom, she never had a date!

An Unfortunate life of a brave bird.
She came to know a fiction which was so exciting that it thrilled her all life... She waited till the opportunity knocked her door....and then there was the time to make her dream come true...

Obstacles are something she was prepared of. She was all lonely and prepared to be the same rest of her life. Coz if she failed she would be more lonely as no one likes to be with loosers.

While on the journey... a harsh truth struck like a lightining and burnt all her hopes, making her efforts futile. Now she had to wait until her feathers regrew. She knew that she had lost, as the time had elapsed.

But still she thought to complete the journey and see those heros who could turn their dream into reality. She accepted to live with the pain and see those fortunate celebrate.