Friday, May 18, 2012

Summer vacation at Kashmir

It was planned and much awaited. I had already googled about the sight seeings and shopping. End-time packing and a lot of haste was obvious for a forgetful person like me. I enjoyed everything though, as it was my first visit to a snowy region.
We were a group of 10 people who wanted to experience the Rajdhani Express on the way. So we travelled by train till Delhi and later by air.

Snacks served in Rajdhani Express.
The dusky view from my window

Eleven Idols of the Patriots at New Delhi

Top view of Srinagar... amazing!

View of Dal Lake opposite my hotel 

The cool mornings at Dal Lake

Harwan Garden, Water flowing through a dam passing by the canal

Sarso de khet... blooming of caster flower 

Cold water gushing like naughty kids

On the way to Yousmarg, 20 feet snow frozen on both the sides

The SUV seems so tiny by the himalayan... singing "Yeh Ishq haye baithe bithaye jannat dikhaye ha"

Snow melting into mineral water ;) Anyone thirsty?

The very miser sledge guide who fooled us a lot of time... but can pay anything for the view at Yousmarg

This was breath taking! A valley of beauty is Kashmir

Sitting on the snow and wondering where did the sunny heat go!
Yippee we saw a snow fall.... A rare view in April :)

funny caption on the truck saying "color your face black if you have a bad eye on me"

A broken bridge at Srinagar, Nagin Lake

Shepherd with his herd of sheep on the way to Drung!

White Beauty

This one's my favourites... It says Spring Is Here Darlings

Walnut and Apple Trees All Along The Road

Charar-E-Sharief... On the mountains lie a town silently chanting islamic notes

The Mosque of Charar-e-sharief

This seems so much like an art on the canvas of nature

Rosewood and Pine covered the view of the valley

Sonmarg... a place compared with the beauty of Newzeland

Snow still not melt at Sonmarg... One can see the rock bottom of river that may flow in some while

I can imagine how beautiful this place would look with the river flowing

Ride a Pony into the valley of Sonmarg

They cunning pony riders asked us to pay some more for a ride to watch this frozen snow... which would anyways come on the way back to the restaurant...  :p

Shikara Ride is a romantic way to enjoy the kashmir experience

I dont remember what the guides bluffed about this place... but it is a real soothing view

Char Chinar... meaning a platform of four chinar trees one each at a corner

Daffodils... freshly bloomed at Char Chinar

The Duck that swam alone... not alone actually... I was by its side

Salute the Indian Army and Amuse by his style of mustachio :) 

Chashm-e-shahi garden meaning the royal water!

Such a variety of flora at Kashmir

I dont know which flower is this... lets name it... umm...miss beautilicios

People believe that to drink, bathe in the royal water brings good to you... every tourist seem to get wet there

The Tulip garden is open only for the month of April... lucky that we got to see those

The lace of colorful Tulips 

There are about four floors of Tulip beds... What a view from the topmost!
The Nishat Baug at Srinagar is just opposite the Dal Lake

Drang, Tangmarg 

How higher and higher each one gets

Beauty of Drang

On the way to Gulmarg

This is the point uptill where a taxi is allowed, or else the pony owners union will throw stones on the cab driver 

The highest peak gondola ride is about to begin

At Phase 1 you will feel mesmerized... are you ready for a breathtaking view?

On the way to Phase 2... 

Sire, how do you feel at 13,500 feet above sea level... 

my silly art structure... no no actually my pal who got frozen by the view :p

so many ski marks

At the bat factory of Pahalgam

Pahalgam is the place from where the famous "amar nath yatra" starts

This is a difficult sight... a young man washing hotel towels in freezing cold water

Chandan Vari, Pahalgam... meaning a Valley of sandalwood...  I doubt if there was any such tree but some one said its by the name of a Sadhu Chandan... hmm

The Slope at Chandan Vari.. try a sledge ride :)

On the way to Betab Valley...

Simply Beautiful

This is Betab Valley... named after a Bollywood film shot here...  one of my favourite places in Kashmir

Singing the song.. "Jab hum javan honge jane kahan honge" from the film

I didnt want to go home after I came here

Thats me enjoying the marvelous place, Betab Valley

My husband posing like a Bollywood star in the woods, Betab Valley

Dont miss Betab Valley if ever you visit Pahalgam being throned in the most picturesque location

River Rafting at River Lidar, Pahalgam